It’s Time to Take a Stand Against Boring, Uninspired Pizza

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Calling all Rochester NY Pizza aficionados! If you’re tired of the same pizza week in and week out, Rebel Pi gives you the freedom to create your own pizza or explore some new international flavor.

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Whether you build your own unlimited topping pizza or indulge in one of our International Specialties, Rebel Pi makes Rochester NY pizza as boundless as it is delicious!

Unlimited Toppings for Unlimited Pizza Possibilities

At Rebel Pi, we understand and appreciate the need one has to go a little crazy with their pizza from time to time. Hey, it’s pizza we’re talk about here! That’s why we have a strict policy allowing you to go as big, simple or unconventional when creating your own perfect Rebel Pi. Choose from dozens of the most popular meat and veggie toppings, experiment with unheard of combinations, or keep it light and enjoy one as a snack or appetizer. It’s your call… the way it should be.


Keeping It Fresh

Like you, we’re not fans of frozen, mass-produced ingredients either. Fresh is always better when it comes to building your own pizza or creating that perfect salad, and we’re 100% committed to using fresh and locally-sourced meats and vegetables in all our food. Stop in to Rebel Pi today and experience a whole new way of enjoying fresh pizza, salads, desserts, wings and so much more!

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